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Redefining Security with Mini Wireless Cameras

At Bulepods, our passion lies in delivering Mini Wireless Cameras that revolutionize the way you approach security. We strive to provide compact and wireless solutions that exceed traditional camera capabilities.

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If you’re unsure about which camera is suitable for you, please contact us. We would be happy to recommend a product based on your specific needs. We understand that every home has different security requirements and budgets, so we will make sure to provide you with the most suitable solution.

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    USB Charger Security Camera

    Say goodbye to expensive, bulky, and painfully obvious security cameras!

    With the latest motion detection technology, loop recording, WIFI streaming. No tell-tale signs to give away the cam. Now you can record videos while charging your phone or tablet. Nobody will know!

    • Real-time live-streaming from smartphone
    • Provides Video and Audio Monitoring
    • Supports PC remote and control view
    • Low-light capture night-vision camera
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    Digital Alarm Clock Camera


    Does it support video recording 24/7?

    As long as it is connected wifi or has sd card it will record 24/7.

    In what distanse does the spy camera start recording?

    The camera can continuously record 3-4 hours of video after fully charged. We recommend to keep charging continuously..

    Can I control this hidden camera on my smartphone?

    Yes, it connects to a smartphone using free app lifetime..



    Smart Wireless Bulb Camera




    I’m Robyn, co-founder of BULEPODS.COM

    BULEPODS was founded in 2020 with the Goal of Fueling The Need for Efficient Home Security.


    We believe that family safety is very important.We stand tall with our community and country and pledge to assist each and every person that comes in contact with our company to the fullest extent.


    Provide our customers with high-quality home security products for personal and property safety.


    Our products use the highest quality chips on the market, and under the same or similar appearance, our products will be more stable.

    Customers are lovin’ it

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    Excellent picture quality and easy setup

    Jarred / USA

    Worked better than I thought it would

    Daryl Wright / USA

    The description is right on point. Video is clear. It starts recording with motion which is great. I am happy with it. I also suggested it to my son for a perfect nanny cam. Good product.

    Rhashard Wade / USA

    Just received it have been playing around with it. astounding video quality; especially considering size and price! set it and just come back to play back the motion capture video. leave it plugged up to just keep recording over and over. read the instructions and you will be able to choose all the functions on this micro device!

    Charles Huett / USA

    Great device for our house, especially when I’m not there. It is usually okay for me to leave my kids with nannies, but I want to ensure the safety of my children. She recommended this mini surveillance to me after using it for a while. This tiny camera has impressed me with its ability to record videos and sounds, detect harmful activities, and others. So far, this has been my best online purchase. In the kitchen and at the front door, I will order more.

    Jonas Welsch / US

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